F is for Frog

This week we are working on the letter "F" and we traced our letters and worked on finding things that start with F (working on the sound.).  I love having dry erase workbooks so we can reuse it over and over and  get a lot of good practice.  There are a ton of printable's out on the web if you do not have any.  Click here to find a "F" page to print.  

One thing I love to do is find books that uses a lot of letters that we are focusing on.  

This frog was easy to make.  Selah used a bingo dotter to paint her bag green.  I pre-cut the arms, eyes, and pants and she did all the gluing.  Next time I am going to have her work on her cutting!!  Now we can read the story again using our froggy puppet. 

We also will be reading some Franklin books since we have a ton of them.  He may be a turtle but his name starts with an "F"!  :)


Aimee said…
That turned out very cute- I love the Froggy books! Thank you for sharing this on The Sunday Showcase.
Spanish Pinay said…
Oh cute froggy! But Selah is cuter :-D

Spanish Pinay
Lorie said…
Really cute project! My kids love frogs so we will have to try this! Lorie @ http://readingconfetti.blogspot.com
Great ideas! i love it, thanks for sharing.

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