Gymnastic class started today

Today my daughter went to her first gymnastics class.  This class is for 3-4 year old's and she is the oldest in her class and seemed a bit advanced compared to the younger ones.  Luckily they do 8 week sessions so in 8 weeks we can sign her up for the 4-5 year old class.  :) She had a great time and I am very excited to see if gymnastics becomes one of her passions.  It was great to hear her tell me that it was "fun" and even "I like it better then dance class."  (We did not sign her up for ballet this year.  We though gymnastics would be better for her and her personality.)

I like all the equipment they allowed them to use on the first day!  I think her favorite one was the bar and the trampoline.  She even had to do a backwards summersault  and did very well...just needed a little push to get all the way over.
Monkey Pose!

Pink and Black Sunfire Leotard (Child Medium)Dottie Dot Leotard (Child Extra Small)Pink Shimmer Leotard (Adult Extra Small)

Tomorrow she has craft and cooking class!  Excited to see and hear what she does and thinks of this combo class!  :) 


Stephanie said…
Aw, very cute! I'm glad she likes it! :)

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