Happy "Half" Birthday Little Titus (0-6 month photo's)

6 month's old today!!  I am having a hard time believing my little guy is 6 month's old today!  Time is going way too FAST!!!  I need him to stop growing and stay mommy's baby.  I actually really do love watching him grow and learn new things.  

Happy Half Birthday Titus!

Selah meeting her brother for the first time. 

I'm new here: March 24, 2011

1 month old on Easter Sunday and not happy here but adorable in his hat. 

2 month's and very happy and starting   
to giggle.

Big boy at 3 month's sitting in the Bumpo.  

Making goofy faces at 4 month's

Moving and rolling all over the place at 5 month's.  

My sitter at 6 month's old!  BIG BOY

Wanted the paper so bad and then tried to eat it.  
Dear Titus,

Your mommy, daddy, and sister are blessed by you.  You are such a playful and fun boy!  We are excited to continue to watch you grow.  Currently your favorite thing to do is your jumper and you are turning into a great eater.  You love sweet potatoes and banana's.  You are still breast feeding and recently you are not happy to get any bottles.  I think you are a mommy's boy but mommy is going to buy a new bottles so you can still drink from it.  You have already shown interest in your sippy cup too so that might be a good option. Mommy and daddy pray for you daily and we know God has big plans for you!



Savannah said…
Happy half-birthday to your little man!
Jenn said…
LOVE the picture of Titus and Selah, her eyes are totally big and beautiful!! I am very glad I get to watch him grow and have you as a friend!!