I have a question...Printer Ink??? HELP

How much do you print?  Do you print coupons often?

I feel like printer ink is just ridiculously expensive!!!  We went to buy ink and the color ink was $40.00 and the black was $16.   The exact same printer we have was on sale for $49.00 and it came with both ink's!!  Why is it cheaper to buy a whole new printer then just refill the ink???  

I print often enough to know that I might not be saving money by printing coupons.  Most of the coupon apps just automatically send it to the printer so I am unable to change the printer settings and print grey scale.  Unless you found a way???  

My husband is on his computer right now looking at ways to refill the ink ourselves.  We did that one time when we had a different printer but about 6 months ago we got a new one that could do the fax, copy, print, and was wireless.  

So anyone have any secrets out there?  I hate blowing my budget on printer ink for the month!!!  :(  


Unknown said…
The only way I found to bypass the auto print from the coupon sites, is to jsut set your computer default settings to a quick print version (if you have that option) and set the color options to black & white. This will make it always happen this way for EVERYTHING you print. SO, if you need something in color, just make sure to go to options before going click-crazy on the printer button. :) I hope that helps. Oh, the main settings are found in the control panel. Good luck!
Madeline said…
I suggest what Heather said, and also I was going to say that depending on your printer, you might just be able to take the cartridges to Office Max, Staples or Walgreens and get them refilled.
Spanish Pinay said…
I know. Inks are ridiculously expensive. But I use those ink alternatives. I buy them from amazon. They are quite good! I even use them to print pictures. There are also those inks they call "continous ink" because those are inks on huge containers that you connec to the printer but I don't like them too much because they are messy to install and doesn't actually look good. It's like your printer is connected to various colored IVs hehe.

Spanish Pinay
Savannah said…
That's why we don't have an inkjet printer...just too expensive to buy the ink! Some places will give you a partial refund for recycling old cartridges, and others will refill them for you. We have a b/w laser printer and buy refill kits for it to refill ourselves.
Shelley said…
we recently were in the market for an "all in one" printer & ended up getting a Lexmark pinnacle pro 901 because they said it printed for a penny a page and a black ink cartridge costs $5. I have yet to check the cost of color. Sometimes it goes on sale but I think it's always under $200. It's wifi which I LOVE :) Yes, I am thrilled with my printer so wanted to pass on the recommendation :) Hope you find a solution that works!!

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