Labor day Parade!

So we went to a parade in town on Labor day.  I am happy to report that my kids had fun with their friends but what a bummer of a parade it was with people and there attitudes towards political junk.  It was kinda depressing as adults acted like children who did not get there way.  Lot of people were in red to support the Democrats, other cheering with the Republicans, and lot of people had shirts on demanding they get bargaining rights back since our governor signed a bill to get rid of labor unions last spring.

To me it was pathetic to see old ladies "booing" others walking in the parade!!!  REALLY??  GROW UP!  My friend spoke up and said "Knock it off, I don't want my kids to be a part of this."

I am glad my daughter never noticed any of the other adults agenda's and had fun but it just has been on my mind since Monday!  I don't follow politics much at all... I mean don't get me wrong I think it is important to know what is going on but at the same time it just get's everyone undies in a bundle.

We also did get a ton of candy which made my daughter's day!


Amy said…
Oh that is so sad! People are so self-centered. I'm glad your little one didn't notice though. Little Bit is a huge fan of parades. I wish they had one for Labor Day but I guess our little town can only swing so many in a given year.
Jenn said…
I think the candy made your day just as much as your daughters! :D
Jenn-You are so right! CANDY CANDY CANDY!