Make me a sign!

Last week when we were on a family walk my daughter rode her bike instead.  She is getting pretty fast and we had to teach her some of the Street Signs.  It was fun and made me remember teaching signs to some past students when I was a teacher.

Stop Signs

The main sign we taught her that day was the good big Red Stop Sign!  We wanted to make sure she stopped and waited for us there.  Then I started thinking about all the different Road Signs out there.  There are so many!!!  I remember in driver's education class thinking wow why do we need all these signs.

Beyond just road signs they have any sign imaginable, No Tresspassing Sign, Danger, No swimming, caution and warning signs, to playing signs. deer crossing, no swimming are just a few to rattle off for you. Now a days you can make your own sign too which is pretty awesome.  I think it would be so fun if a park had some neat fun signs made that incorporated some learning stations!  :)  HOW FUN!!!


Savannah said…
My son loves looking at street signs. When we go for a walk, on quiet streets we'll let him run ahead of us and he knows to go to and hold the stop sign until we're beside him. Speed limit signs are great for teaching numbers!
Anonymous said…
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