New Series "Up All Night" ??? REALLY???

I was unable to watch it last week but we have On Demand so we watched it today and all I have to say is FAIL!  I was highly disappointed in it!  The commercials had me excited and laughing and don't get me wrong there is still a lot of humor in the show but the way the parents acted was ridiculous.  Why would Hollywood make it seem normal to swear in front of your children!!!???    I was frustrated because they made the comment "she is sleeping, she cant hear us" and then they continued to swear.  It is just pathetic.  

Then it was sad that she chose to stay working on her anniversary night which she finally realized she can say "NO" at the end of the episode and stayed home with her hubby and daughter so that was a positive.  Then watching them act while on their date was sad.  I mean there is nothing wrong with celebrating and having a drink but to be so irresponsible and get so wasted that you are mad when your daughter is the only one without a "hangover."  GROSS!  

I think the show will have some good parenting humor within it but I do not in any way shape or form like the way that Hollywood is showing parental care!  It looks like a mockery to me.  

Well, that is my review and my opinions.  We will not be watching it here! I hope it will get better for those of you who will be watching it.  I will be honest I started putting dishes away when I got frustrated so maybe it got a little bit better??  

I did enjoy watching the Sing Off tonight!!  Still some mild swearing from a judge but the talent and singing was fun to watch and it was all voices and no instruments!  :) 

What are you watching this Fall??  


Unknown said…
We, too, were disappointed. There is so much humor there to expose. It could have been done without the vulgarity. I always give shows 2 times and then that is it. This coming week will determine the death or life for me! I did watch 2 1/2 men to see what it was like without Charlie Sheen and it was funny and not as vulgar but still dirty. Hawaii 5-0 was great. Biggest Loser is tonight! Woo hoo!

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