Pilates for mom's *Review and Giveaway*

prenatal pilates

Prenatal Pilates with Dale Shea is a workout DVD.  Dale is a graduate of the George Washington University and holds a bachelors degree in Exercise Science.  She has been a certified Pilates instructor through the Physical Mind institute for 10 years her and she owns and operates her own studio on Long Island, New York.

Prenatal Pilates is being featured in the September issue of Pilates Style magazine.

"The Prenatal Pilates DVD is a personalized workout system modified for your body's specific needs during pregnancy.  This is the workout you've been looking for.  With clear cueing and easy to follow exercises, you'll be shaping up in no time."

The possible benefits of Pilates exercise during pregnancy:
Increase your stamina!
Give yourself a much needed energy boost.

Sleep Better!
Fall asleep faster and wake up well rested.

Elevate your mood!
Exercise releases endorphins which improve mood, and decrease stress.

Less weight gain and back pain!
Stretching helps ward off cramps, sore muscles, and tension.

Easier Labor!
Moms who exercise have a shorter labor and are less likely to have a c-section.

Faster return to your pre-pregnancy physique and fitness level!

Your baby may benefit from Pilates as well!

Your baby may be smarter!
Research shows that moms who exercise throughout their pregnancy have babies who score higher on general intelligence tests by age 5.

Your baby will be more fit!
Moms who exercise during pregnancy give birth to babies of a healthier weight.
They also recover quicker from the stress of birth.

Your baby will be easier!
Exercising moms have babies who are less colicky and sleep through the night sooner.

My Thoughts:
I was excited to review this giveaway and I am bummed I did not have it during my pregnancy.  I was not very consistent when it came to working out while pregnant.  Since I am not pregnant any more I kept thinking in my head, "well, if she can do it pregnant then I can do it not pregnant."  I had never tried pilates before but wow, it is a great workout.  There are 4 types of workouts within the DVD: 1. Mat, 2. Light Weights, 3. resistance band, 4. stability ball.  I do not have a resistance band or a stability ball but I was still able to get a bit of a workout without them.  Even though I am not currently pregnant this DVD is helping me firm up my stomach from being pregnant.  All I do is add a few more abdominal moves to feel the stretch a little bit more.  I have only used the DVD a few times which was the perfect amount of time to give me a boost of energy and help me get on a better regime if working out.  A big help at getting me on a schedule of working out.  I am going to be a nice friend and borrow out my copy to my pregnant friend!  (I hope to get some feedback from her and give you all an update.)  Since I had never done Pilates before I realized how challenging it can be.  The real thing I noticed is how much effort you put in will help you see better results.
Overall the Dale gave easy to understand instructions with the right amount of encouragement.  The visuals were peaceful with very calm and low volume music.

Visit Dale Shea's website HERE!
Order your own copy HERE!  

Here is a quick video to show you some of the elements on the DVD.

Time to enter  for your chance to win a copy of this awesome workout DVD!  Or win it for your expecting friend.


Mama said…
I like to do them because it keeps you flexible and you bounce back to pre pregnancy weight faster! :-)
Amanda said…
Thanks for the giveaway!
Rebekah said…
I would say a great benefit is helping you with getting back to your pre-pregnancy body after the baby comes.
Katrina said…
helps maintain a healthy pregnancy and hopefully help after the baby comes to get that body back!

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