Sweetest bed time prayers

I know I have posted my daughters bed time prayers before but I am seriously considering taking a video camera in with me because they are just the cutest and fantastic prayers ever!  I love her heart and her attitude and outlook on things.

Here are a few things she prayed for tonight (I will try to keep it in her words as best as I can remember).
"Jesus thank you for Emma and Lydia and help them in Kindergarten.  Help them have nice teachers.  Jesus is Kindergarten like the jungle?  Jesus OK and I love you, you are the best Jesus ever.  Jesus can I wish my birthday was here now,  I am so excited for my birthday Jesus.  Jesus help my fuse friends (youth group) they love you and need you, Jesus I love hearing my dad talk.  Jesus OK and I love you.  Jesus help me.  Jesus thank you for my baby brother, mommy, and daddy.  Jesus help me sleep and my friends sleep tonight."  

I know I am missing a ton but I tried to remember all the super duper awesome cute parts!  :)  My favorite is "is kindergarten like the jungle?"  heheheh


Unknown said…
I was thinking of doing a similar thing with the video because of my son's speech problem. So his come out Dear Zheesuz, fank you for my shicken(stuffed chicken) and for ....

So cute!
Stephanie said…
ADORABLE. You really do need to bring the video camera in with you. I love her train of thought... especially the kindergarten/jungle question. :)
Sarita-that is adorable!

I will try to bring the video cam in the next few nights and see what I get! :)

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