Thank you Jesus for protecting him...(one graphic pic)

Yesterday my hubby got in an accident!  I am SO THANKFUL that he is just fine and only has one big cut/laceration on his forearm and is a little sore.  

So we have 2 motorcycles for sale!  Who wants them...come and get them!  My hubby originally wanted to get a bike to have a fuel efficient vehicle and have a lil fun here and there, but we purchased an older bike and then another older bike and he has been in the garage a ton fixing things here and there and it is just not worth it anymore.  

He went out on a ride with his friends and he was going in on a turn when he realized the steering was stiff and was not turning.  The triple clamp BROKE and he had no choice but to ditch his bike going about 50 mph!  He walked away with one bad scrape on his left forearm.  He did have a jacket on but it came up on his arm so that is how the laceration happened.  

It is easy for us to see that God was there protecting him because it could have been a lot worse.  He could have had the bike on top of him, he could have hit his head, he could have broken his arm or leg, he could have gotten hit by one of the other bikers.  

So I was sitting down eating lunch when my phone rang.  My husband was on the other end and he said, "Honey my triple clamp broke while I was riding."  Me- "well, what does that mean?"  Him- "it means I fell off my bike going 50mph."  Me-"WHAT!?!"  Him-"I am OK, I am fine, I have one bad scrape and I will go to the walk in to get it all cleaned up and I am on my way home now."  

After I got off the phone I was thankful he was alright but then I started freaking out.  In my head I said that is enough, no more bikes.  He had a speeding ticket, worked for hours in the garage.  It is not worth it anymore.  I was fed up and I do not want him to get in any other accident!  To my surprise when he walked in the door he said, "I'm selling the bikes, this is not worth it."  :)  So thankful we did not have to have any argument over the issue!  THANK YOU JESUS!  

Not expecting that!  He got home and I took him to the clinic.  The did not do stitches because of fear there might be gravel pieces still in his arm and fear that the stitches would bust open.  He is all bandaged up and taking some Ibuprofen for pain.  

This morning I helped change the dressings, yes you can call me "Nurse April."  :)  It still looked very nasty!  I think it might be a long time before it is all healed and I think there will be a very big scar! 


Spanish Pinay said…
Oh no! I am glad he's ok though and just got these lacerations instead of something much worse. And I am glad you didn't need to argue with him over the bike.

Have a blessed week ahead!

Spanish Pinay
Amy said…
Oh my goodness! I bet you did freak out. What a blessing that he is selling that thing. I hate bikes and atv's. I have known to many people who have died on them. Little Bit isn't even allowed to have a power wheel thing. Nothing with an engine, battery, or motor.
Unknown said…
WOW! That is crazy. I'm glad he is ok. And thrilled that he's getting rid of the bike, too.

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