Thankful Thursday's

Here is my list of things I am Praising God for this week!  He is so faithful with all of his promises!  :)  I love JESUS!!

1. Prayer- just in general it is amazing to tell my daddy in heaven my needs but to also listen!  Also, I love my daughter's prayers!

2. I got paid this week for a post I wrote... I have officially made money on my blog!  Praise God!

3. Apples- I am excited to go to an orchard!

4. Our youth group!  They are an awesome group of teenagers and I love them all!

5. Packer's winning tonight!  Football season has officially started and we had a party at our house with our youth group!!  GO PACK GO!!  Yes, I waited to post this till after the game!  :)  hehehehe!

What your you thankful for this week?