We got "Tangled"

It was a celebration that I know I will remember for a long time.   My little lady is turning 4!!!  Her actual birthday is next weekend but we celebrated this weekend.  She adores "Tangled" at the moment so that was our theme.  She can tell you the whole story line of the movie.  I really like some of the Biblical ideas and themes that can be pulled from the movie!  Love, redemption, selfless vs selfish, there are so many!  Share your ideas here!  

Here is the "Tangled" cake and it was beautiful and so tasty!

 My lil Rapunzle!

Playing some Duck, Duck, Goose while waiting for more friends to come and then we had a Dance Party. 

We made "Pascal" party blowers and we made my hubby play Eugene.  I even let the girls take turns tying him up before they all took turns blowing their Pascal Blower in his ear!  (I love my hubby, he was a good sport) We also had 2 different coloring pages.

Present time!

Family picture!  



I had a few other people taking pictures so I am hoping to see a few more good pictures from them later this week.  I was so blessed by a few people.  A great friend for helping me in the kitchen, a family for the awesome cake and helping clean up, friends and family for taking pictures!  All in all we had a ton of fun and I just felt a lot of love and I know my little girl did too!  :)  

I might have to post again later when I get more pictures emailed to me!  :)  

Happy Birthday Princess Selah!  Mommy, Daddy, and Titus love you dearly!  


Unknown said…
Aw so sweet! Happy Birthday, Selah!
Amy said…
Very cool party! Happy belated birthday Selah :D
aww, what a fab party! we love Rapunzel and you sure had some fun with the theme! hat hubby of yours is a good sport! :) Happy belated birthday to your lil Rapunzel - she looked gorgeous in her costume!

Thanks so much for sharing & linking to the Sunday Showcase! I hope to see you again this week!