Worst mommy moment today

So this evening I went to the church to drop my daughter off for Awana.  I got both kids out of the car and went in the church for a few minutes.  I said my good bye's and went out to my car and buckled my son in his car seat and shut the door.  I walked over to my door and went to open it up and it was locked.  I frantically ran to all the doors and they were all locked!  I looked back in the window and saw my keys on my seat.  How in the world did I lock the door after buckling my son in???    :(  OH NO!!!  So I went in the church calmly and was looking for a hanger.  I found my husband and told him and what happened and he freaked out a little bit.  My hubby found some wire and after about 10 minutes of him and another guy trying they got the door opened!! I was so thankful when they opened the door.  I am happy Titus did not get worried but only whined a little bit until I played peek a boo outside his window.  I felt so terrible!

So let's hear your oops moment as a mommy!  


I did this last month with both kids in the car. It was in our garage. Luckily my husband works 10 minutes away and made it home immediately. I entertained the kids with bubbles I found on the shelf in the garage and peek a boo. Actually, half the time they ignored me and giggled at each other.... I felt TERRIBLE, though.
Glad your hubby was not far. I am so thankful that I was not at some random store!
Unknown said…
That would be so scary!! Glad that it worked out ok.

I always put my keys on top of the car so I can't lock them in. So far, that's worked for me.
Missy L said…
One time my 2 year old locked me out of the house when I stepped out to get our mail. My husband was at work. It took me half an hour to talk him into unlocking it. He just waved at me out the window with a big smile on his face! Now I take my house keys with me when I get the mail.
MommyMandi said…
I haven't had any opps moments yet, but my daughter is only 9 months. So they are bound to happen soon enough. I'm so glad you were able to get the car unlocked.