Would you ever...

GO PARACHUTING?  When I was back visiting my dad they had a huge parachuting event so we got to see tons of parachute-rs that weekend.  It brought many memories back from when I was a kid...laying on the grass in my yard watching them.  There was even one time when my hubby (at the time my boyfriend) and I were driving and a parachuter got a little lost.  They landed about 5 miles away from where they were suppose to land.   LOL... so we were nice and picked them up!  A story I will never forget! 

Recently my pastor and his daughter did this.  I have no desire to jump out of a perfectly running airplane!  :)


Spanish Pinay said…
Oh, I would!! I also would like the sky divin in chicago... but now that I'm a momma, I am more concsious about the possibility of something bad might happen and I'd leave my little one without a momma :-S

Spanish Pinay

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