Apple Farm Fun

We went to the local apple farm yesterday and it was a beautiful day to be outside.  In fact this whole week is shaping up to be gorgeous!  YAY!    

I was a little disappointed at the prices at the farm we went to.  I am sad that it was cheaper to buy a bag of apples then to pick your own???  WHY???  Well, the answer we got is because people throw a lot on the ground and make a mess out of them.  SAD!!!!  
We did not buy our pumpkin yet because there is a fun family event in town on Saturday and they giveaway FREE pumpkins to all kids!  :) So we will wait and see how we do there before purchasing them.  :) 

The most fun was just enjoying the kids play area!

Selah and Daddy, apple's to my eye!  :)

Me and my 2 favorite kids!  :)

Cutest Pumpkin's ever!  :)


Saving4Change said…
Looks like a great family outing!
Hi, I'm a follower from Random Deals Wed Hop. Am following you on GFC and FB. Please follow me back at too. Have a great week!

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