Bonding over Beauty Review and Giveaway

"Bonding over Beauty by Erika Katz is a great mother-daughter beauty guide to foster self-esteem, confidence, and trust."  
Mom's with daughters this book is perfect for you!!!  :)   I thought that this book would remind me of the things I knew already about beauty but wow my eyes have opened up to so many new ideas!  :)  
Here are the topics in each chapter that you will get to read about:
1. Bonding over Her Hair
2. Bonding over How She Cares for Her Skin
3. Bonding over Makeup & Brows
4. Bonding over Her Hands & Feet
5. Bonding over Getting rid of Unwanted Hair
6. Bonding over Puberty & Hygiene (Yes, it can be done!)
7. Bonding over Nutrition & Fitness
8. Bonding over Aromatherapy to Feel Beautiful
9. Bonding over Getting Her Ready to Be Away from Home

I know I still have a few years before my daughter enters the tween years but I am so looking forward to discussing and creating new memories using the many ideas in this book.  I am one excited mom that I know my daughter and I can create fond memories while learning how to care for the beautiful bodies that Christ gave us.  

In the caring for skin chapter I was delighted to read a few different recipes for sensitive skin as my daughter has sensitive and very dry skin.  It really is helpful to know what not to do for those skin types!  I also was shocked that I have been told so many myths about beauty, such as it really is OK to shave many different areas because your hair WILL NOT grow back thicker or darker!!  Trust me there are several other myths that we have been told that will make you wonder who started telling us these silly myths.  

I know this book covers the beauty end of it and when my daughter is older to discuss these things I will use this book along with the help of God to remind her who she is in CHRIST JESUS!    I do not want to teach her the beauty things unless it is done with Biblical principles at the same time, as true beauty is from within. 




Jenn said…
Bonding over her hair! I am not a girly girl and definitely not good at doing hair, it might be a fun chapter to take some of the frustration out of it for me!