Good Example, I want me and my hubby to be like them.

Don't you love seeing older couples cuddling and showing affection after being married for many years?  I DO!  

I snapped this picture at church a couple weeks ago!  :)  I was sneaky.  I love this couple and I always think they are such a great testimony to marriage.  Marriage is a wonderful gift from God.  

I also love seeing it because I never had any grandparents when I was growing up.  They all passed away when I was a baby.  I did adopt a few of my own from my friends grandparents!  :)  


Miss Janet said…
That is so sweet!

My husband and I always say we'd like to be like "them" when we see old people showing affection.


Unknown said…
totally true and adorable too. I always looked to my in laws who truth be told are more the age of my grandparents due to the fact that I am the oldest born and my hubbie is the baby of 7. Anyway, his folks were the cutest little old couple, always holding hands and cuddling. Until his death, my father in law was so in love with his wife and he let every one know it!!!