Guilty here... LOL

LOL this had me giggling cause I am so guilty of this! Well, actually I have taken the sheets off and then put a blanket down as a sheet!

So who can admit it??


Twingle Mommy said…
I've never done that, but not because I'm such a great mom. When my oldest wets the bed, she doesn;t wake up. Or if she does, she goes back to sleep. Nice huh?
Last night she wet the bed for the first time in months, I was so annoyed this morning when I discovered it.
Unknown said…
Never done it with pee but did it all the time with breastmilk!

Christian Momma
Crystal Mendez said…
Lol ok I'll admit iv done it
Jenn said…
I've done it MANY times! Grace has been in a phase where she consistently pees through the diaper and sheets every single night and even at naptime! The position she sleeps in just doesnt work with a diaper! At 5 am when she is crying, I just want to get back to sleep as fast as possible, I usually throw a think blanket over the top, change her and stick her right back in bed then wash it all the next morning!