The Lump: A Gynecologists Journey with Male Breast Cancer, REVIEW and GIVEAWAY

The title and sub title of this book caught my interest immediately.  "A Gynecologists Journey with Breast Cancer"  makes your head turn and think, "did I just read that right?"  Yes, it is very ironic and rare for a male to develop breast cancer but then a male gynecologist...kinda makes you chuckle which is true when many of his patients had a little laugh too.                                                         This true story read very quickly and the author was real in expressing all the stages he went through from denial to anger and frustration.  For me it is always hard to read a story dealing with cancer because my mother passed away from Leukemia 9 years ago.   It was a nice read for me to reflect on my mother but also hear a success story.  Doctor Alan starts his book discussing high school and how he came to choose medical school.  

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