Non spooky spider web

The first thing I did was add a few drops of dye to some glue to make really pretty glue.  :)  Very simple and inexpensive.  

 The first thing we made were some colorful spider webs. 

                                                               Good Job, Selah!

This was my example. 

After the web's we did some more fun ones.  

My hubby found  HELLO KITTY... Do you see her?  HOW COOL!  :)


Crystal Mendez said…
So cool thanks God bless
Beth said…
VERy cute! And I just wanted to say I love the 'heart' of your blog =-)
Jackie H. said…
Love the hidden hello kitty! That's a great way to make spider webs. We did spider activities too for the Sunday showcase.
Holy cow- that is Hello Kitty- great job hubby!
Thank you for sharing this with us on The Sunday Showcase
Jennifer Noble said…
thought I'd refer you to my blog after reading through some of your posts, also a Christian and frequently review books that are for kids/healthy recipes

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