Pray for my Dad- Because PRAYER WORKS!

I would love if I could have as many people as possible say a prayer for my dad today.  He is going in for surgery and the procedure should start at about 10:30.

Why is he having surgery?   Well, he went in a couple weeks ago for his colonoscopy and he has had several but the previous one looked good so they said he could wait 3 years. has So we went in and they removed a few polyps but then they found one that was very large and the were not able to get it so they needed to go in and remove it.

He will be in the hospital for at least 4 days and then staying home from work for 4 weeks.  He said he was only a little bit nervous and my daughter and I prayed with him over the phone.  He requested me not to come visit him while he is in the hospital.  So I will be nice and allow it as long as everything goes smoothly tomorrow.

Please agree with me in prayer that the doctor's and nurses will work skillfully and efficiently, the test results will be good, recovery will be speedy, pain to be erased, nerves to be calm, and over all God to touch him during this.

Thanks friends!


Unknown said…
Sweetheart, I closed my eyes and prayed for your dad before I even began typing...I mean it when I say it...he is being prayed for!
Crystal Mendez said…
Pray it all went will and a quick recovery

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