Protect the only YOU

Are you doing a good job of protecting your identity?  Have you or anyone you know ever had any issues with identity fraud?  I know a few different people who have had their identities stolen.  
I will admit first hand that I am not concerned about my identity but after hearing more and more stories it is becoming more and more alerting to me.  We all need to be wise and careful with our identities, from credit cards to even sharing personal information online. 

How does someone steal your identity? Here are a few examples:
1. Leaving your laptop left unprotected in a public area.-Think about it, have you done that? 
2. Entering information into a fake website that someone created or even a phishing email. Scary, how do you know until you enter it so always be safe!
3. Someone hacks into a corporate or institutional database and steals information from several accounts.
4. Stealing credit card numbers while ringing up transaction.  

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