S is for Selah, and salt!

I took some food dye and mixed it with salt so we would have a little color fun when I had my daughter glue on the salt for her "S" and her name, "Selah." 

I was very proud of her as she was having such a good time point out all the S's she has seen this week, and how well she has written and practiced her "S" letters.  :)  She is so excited to learn to write her name.  :) 

All week I got to hear "S is for me cause my name is S-s-s-s SELAH."  

S is for Selah but it is also for Salt, sugar, skunk, squirrel, and so much more. 

Caught with her tongue out again!  :)


Lorie said…
Cute! What a nice way to get her excited about letters! Lorie @ Reading Confetti
so cute! Did you have trouble dying the salt? I've never tried worrying it would get too sticky.

I love that pic with her tongue out - my oldest does that in concentration mode. It's so funny.

Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase & hope to see you again this week!

Nope the salt did not get sticky! The food dye I have is a gel not a liquid so that might have helped? I had to stir it all in really well but it worked great as I too was wondering what would happen. :)

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