September Stats, top referring sites, and making money!

First I want to say thank you to my top 5 referring sites... YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!

5. Online Sweepstates-

4. Let the Children Play-

3. Mom to 2 Posh Lil Diva's-

2. Money Saving Mom-

1. The Imagination Tree-

Top 5 posts:
5. We Got Tangled
4. Flubber/Gak
3. Fall Craft- 
2. Thank You Jesus, for Protecting Him
1. Bath Tub Painting

Income!  Yes, I MADE MONEY!  Can I hear a WHOO WHOO!!!  
I made $56.00 from Blogvertise-All of it went straight into my paypal acount... and most of it was already spent!  LOL

I made 4.32 from Google Adsense.  (Still working on getting that up to the payout amount!)  

I have 1,485 points in my Social Spark account which is $14.85.  I have several payouts that will happen in October so next month you shall see how much I cash out!  :)   SIGN UP HERE!!  I love this account.  It is very simple to make some money as a blogger!  EASY To sign up and easy to accept or reject assignments.  :) 

Remember, I only started my money making in the last 4-6 weeks!  It takes some time for things to get cashed out but so far I am giddy with excitement that I have made some money on my blog.  :) 

Thank-you to all my awesome followers!  I love you all, and don't forget to find me on Twitter or Facebook.  :) 


Amy said…
That's awesome news! I just started making a little cash with my blog about 3 months ago. I am using the extra funds to help with our adoption costs. God is so good to provide extra income when we need it <3 Congrats again!!

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