She loves "Pinkalicious"

My daughter got this book for her birthday from her aunt and she loves it!  Along with the book my sister bought her a set of 3 card games that are "Pinkalicious" themed but your typical Go Fish, Old Maid, and Slap Jack.  We have been playing a game almost daily and she can't get enough of it.  

Tonight I found they had a website:  There are several fun games, a way to order more books in the series, lesson ideas, Pinkalicious birthday or party ideas.  I think I will have an excited little girl tomorrow when I show her some of the games.  :)  I think I will use this as a good incentive!  :) 


Holly said…
My little one loves Pinkalicious too! I just ordered her Purplicious and Goldilicous for her bday.

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