Day 14 of hands on Play- Act out a story



Today we're digging into your 

imaginations [as well as memory!] and bringing a 

story to real life!

  1. The story my daughter picked was "Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink."  Selah received this book as a birthday present from her Aunt and it is her new favorite.  (Her old favorite is "No David" and I am so thankful she did not pick that one!) 

First the story starts will Pinkalicious looking in her piggy bank for money to buy gumballs.  She had no money so she came up with an idea to have a lemonade stand.

Pinkalicious decides Pink Lemonade is the best choice and makes her version of Lemonade without her mom's help.  She adds watermelon, grapefruit, and purple beets to make it pink.

She goes out to her Lemonade stand and starts selling! 

Mr. Peabody comes over to buy a glass.  

Sour face, "There is either too much of something or not enough of something else."  

Oh No!  Her brother spilled the lemonade!  (Titus was taking a nap during today's play but I am pretty sure he could have helped with the spilling action!) 

Now we can make a new batch, and mommy picks out strawberries to make it pink.  

Mr. Peabody comes back for another glass and this time....

It is perfect!  

Pinkalicious sells all her lemonade and then counts her money, 6 quarters, 4 dimes, 5 nickles, and 10 pennies.  

Enough to buy some gumballs, but not just any gumball...

PINK gumballs!  
The end... tomorrow Pinkalcious wants to bake pink cupcakes!  Who knows maybe we will!  :) 


I REALLY enjoyed your story! I'm not familiar with it (two boys will do that to ya.... no pink here!) -- What a lovely way to play today!
Thanks... It is my favorite play challenge so far! :) It was nice because Daddy had today off so he got to play too! :)
Carrie said…
Oh, how fun!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

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