Day 15 of Hands on Play- Play with Junk

Day 15: Playing with Junk
Wow! We are half way through the challenge already!

Play prompt
Rummage through the recycling box and pull out some boxes, tubes, milk jugs and whatever else takes your fancy! 

I had a ton of pop cans and a milk jug.  So my mind was turning on what we could possibly do with it.  Garbage bowling of course!  :)  We used the cans as pins and the milk jug as the ball.  I also had a paper towel roll that I let little Titus play with.  He banged it around to make music and yelled in it and then tried to eat it.  After Selah was done bowling it was time to clean up but clean up time became a music time as we clanged the cans together and kicked them a little too.  :)  It was a fun time.  


This is awesome and I'm so putting this on my list to do! I can't believe I didn't think to use our pop cans! We have a ton of them! Love love LOVE!
Unknown said…
That is a fantastic idea!! Very creative and free :)

I am really enjoying this series - getting lots of ideas!

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