Day 16 of Hands on Play- Go on a Hunt



DAY 16 CHALLENGE:Spend [at least] 15 minutes of uninterrupted* time going on a hunt! Plan one out with drawings, pictures or words. Or shout out an item to look for! Get creative with it!

[*uninterrupted : being present with the child. No technology, phones, television, computer, etc. No errands, chores, making dinner, etc.]

Our hunt was a letter hunt.  We were looking and searching for 4 different letters.  We were out and about in the morning driving and found some letters on signs and that was fun! (No pictures from the car ride) At home we went from room to room searching with a lot of success!  :) 

Our first letter was "S" for SELAH and here are the S items we found.  (Selah took the pictures)


The next letter on our hunt was "T" for TITUS and here are the other "T" things we found:

The next letter was "M" for MOMMY and here are the items we found:

The last letter on our hunt was "D" for DADDY and here are the items we found:

Have you joined the 30 day play challenge?  


Unknown said…
Great idea!! I love reading the interpretations to these challenges! :-)
Thanks! I think when my daughter wakes up from her nap she will be excited just to look at her pictures on the computer. :)
I love this version of a letter hunt! And great that you did it on the car ride too - we always did that but worked out ways through the ABCs (of course I was much older though).
I love your letter hunt! My son loves to find letters everywhere we go. He'll just randomly say a few letters. When we turn to look, sure enough, the letters are there. :)

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