Day 17: Hands on Play- Reading Tent

Day 17: A Reading Tent
Play Prompt:
Find a cosy spot in the house (or garden if warm enough!) and create a reading nook using some material and cushions. Climb inside and read, uninterrupted, for at least 15 minutes!

Our reading tent was located in the BATHTUB!  :)   My daughter was thought I was crazy at first but then when I got her blankets and pillows and made it cozy loved it.  She had so much fun that she fell asleep in their for her nap!   We turned the lights off and closed the shower curtain and got a flashlight out to read.  :)  She actually wanted to read on her own because she was in her "fort."  :)  

zzzzzzzz....sleeping as I wrote this!



Crystal Mendez said…
So cute and love the idea

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