Day 19: Hands on Play- Music Making

Day 19: Music Making

Play prompt:
Raid the kitchen cupboards and find some pots and pans, metal utensils,  wooden spoons, and anything else you can find of various materials and sizes. Sit down and use them to make some noisy music together!

I told my daughter we were going to do some music time and told her she could even pick some kitchen items to make music with.  She went to her play kitchen instead!  It was cute and we still have fun banging on her plastic pots!  We also used her piano and her didgeridoo.  

I really enjoyed this challenge because my lil man could easily join in on the fun! 


Unknown said…
Probably much nicer noise to tolerate than on the metal pans! So cute. Thanks for keeping with us on the challenge!
Miss Janet said…
Your baby is getting so big!

:) Have a beautiful day.


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