Day 2 Hands on Play challenge: Build a Fort

We had a ton of fun this morning building our fort.  It was still early in our day and we were still in our jammies so we made the tent and then lil Titus went down for his morning nap.  Selah and I watched Cinderella and had some well needed cuddle time. 

After the movie was finished Titus was already awake so we had some fun in the tent with him.  We played his favorite game- Peek a Boo which then turned into a fun silly photo shoot.  My daughter loves the camera

        Here is our fort from the outside it is made from couch cushions, dining room chairs and a blanket.
                                                 Here is Sellah inside the fort... she was happy!

Watching Cinderella

Peek a Boo

  This picture makes me giggle because it Titus's face is funny and it looks like he is pointing at his is            like he is saying "she is crazy."  LOL

                                                                      The fun photo shoot!



Unknown said…
FUN!! Definitely going to do this tomorrow :)
It was fun! :) I hope you blog about it so I can see yours! :)
ChicSassyMom said…
Aww..How cute! Looks like they're having fun. :)

I'm following from the blog hop. :)

Thanks and Best Regards!

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