Day 21: Hand on Play- Have a Party!!

Day 21:

Have a Party!

 Play prompt:
Have a spontaneous party for no reason at all! It could be a teddy bear's picnic with a toy tea set and imaginary food. Invite all your child's favourite toys, make some invitations, set out the places, turn on the music and enjoy! Or find some left over party plates and napkins and spread them out on the floor (or in the garden) and serve up some real food and drink!

The first thing we decided we needed to have a party was some yummy brownies!  So our day started in the kitchen! 

Since we were doing some Christmas pictures my daughter was able to get her hair done all pretty which went well with our party theme!  Look at her beautiful curls and braids!  She sat very nice to get her hair done... I have noticed that when someone else does her hair she is perfect but when I do her hair she whines and cries and claims I hurt her all the time when I am being gentle.  Anyone else have that issue? 

Back to the party...

 Lastly, my daughter got some of her tea set out and we had a tea party/pizza party/brownie party!  Talk about a party!  I allowed her to add some pink sprinkles to her brownie since it was a party day!


Crystal Mendez said…
Love all your Great posts Girl thanks so much God bless

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