Day 22: Hands on Play- Investigate




Spend [at least] 15 minutes investigating something of 

interest to your child. Whether its how something 

works, why we use certain materials or tools for 

things, or a simple science investigation.

I was thinking all day about what we should do about this challenge.  I decided to ask my hubby and see if he had any good ideas and lets just say he had a fantastic one.   We had such a good time with this investigation. 
So we investigated food by blind folding my daughter and having her uses her senses, touch, smell, and taste.  

As you saw in the picture above we used, marshmallow, brownie, sugar, ketchup, peanut butter, chocolate syrup, Frosted mini wheat's, and gummy bear vitamins.  

I was so surprised at how well she did.  With only touch she knew marshmallow.  With smell she got ketchup, cheese, gummy bear, sugar, and mini wheat's.   

This was a great activity because the mystery for her was fun, but also learning to describe what she was touching before tasting.  

Thank-you to my hubby for doing an awesome job and playing with your daughter!  :) 


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