Day 23: Hands on Play- Printing with Objects

Day 23:

Printing with Objects

Play Prompt:
Take a little box or basket and go for a hunt around the house with your child, looking for some everyday objects to print with. Absolutely anything and everything will do! The more unusual the better. Dip into paint and print, print, print! 

We did not go on a hunt around the house looking for random objects this time around.  I have done this activity before and we had a ton of fun but with Thanksgiving tomorrow I wanted to make something for the table.  We made hand print turkeys and we can use them for the silverware!  :)  They were easy to make and my daughter had fun!  First paint the hand brown for the turkey.  Second glue on the eye and 4 feathers on the fingers and don't forget the me when I took these pictures!  LOL  :) Lastly use toilet paper rolls and cut them and glue the turkey.  Now you have a nice turkey center piece or you can wrap your silverware and napkin in them.  :) 


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