Day 28: Hands On Play- Create Something For Someone Special


                         CREATE SOMETHING 

                      FOR SOMEONE SPECIAL

Take a moment to discuss ideas with your child about what you'd like to create and for who.
  • How can you make it special? 
  • How can you make it personal?
If Papa is reading this then stop you will be seeing it in a couple days!  :) 

Selah's papa is having a birthday this week so it was perfect timing for the play challenge to tell us to create something special.  :)  

We created a pop out card for him. If you look you can see it is a birthday cake with candles that pop    out.  The cake is also a confetti cake because it is Selah's favorite.  :) 

Selah is coloring the letters.  

Here is Selah's hand written message to her papa.  

Here is my translation message from Selah's!  :)