Day 30: Hands on Play-Keep on playin


Today is the final day of the 30 Days to Hands on Play Challenge.

What have you learned from this hands on play challenge?
I have learned that no matter how busy my day can get I can always make time for 15 minutes of uninterrupted play with my 2 awesome children!  It was very hard at times for me to focus on playing when I knew I should clean this, or cook this, or try to hop on my computer for some me time, or what ever other distraction I have.  No matter what the house will always need cleaning and my children just keep growing too quickly so I was taught to SLOW down and enjoy each moment with them.  

I have to admit that during this month I took 559 pictures and most of those are from play challenges!  :)  That was the only technology around that I allowed myself to have during the play challenge.  :)  What can I say... I heart pictures and memories.  

I have also learned that no matter what I am doing with my older daughter I can somehow still get my youngest involved with us even if he is an observer.  

Keep challenging yourself to do what we've been doing every day. Spend at least 15 minutes with your child playing! You've got the ideas now from the past 30 days, now expand upon those and keep the play going in your house!

I will continue to have our 15 minutes per day.  I have a few ideas for play in my head that I am looking forward to doing and sharing with you all in the future.  :)  This next month we will be keeping a Christmas theme and am very excited to get started.  :)  We are also going to be doing the 24 days of Counting down to Christmas. :) Hope you can join in that fun too as 24 bloggers will be sharing a new idea each day.  :)  I have also been doing an Advent activity each day since Sunday which will be each day until Christmas.  :) I hope to have a few crafts to go along with the bible lesson so keep your eyes peeled.  :)

Hope you enjoyed reading and seeing our pictures on our 30 days of hands on play challenge!  :)