Day 5 and 6 hands on play

We just got back in town from my dad's house so I want to try to catch us up in our 30 day play challenge. Day 5 was Play-doh fun and we thought about making play doh at Papa's house but we were visiting my brother so we did not have time.  We did day five today when we got home.  

Here is our day five of play-doh fun.  We used some dinosaurs in our play doh fun. 

Selah made homes for them.

Then they needed a drink in the lake. 

Day 6 was family time fun.  Since my daughter had a bit of a flu bug we did not do too much.  We did take time going through the new toy ads and I let Selah circle anything her little heart desires for Christmas.  We also had just watched Lion King and at Papa's he had my old Lion King coloring book so she got to do some coloring in that.  (I did not take pictures of this)

My goal for the rest of the week is to get Titus more involved in each of the play tasks.  Over the weekend while we were out of town and getting hit with illness I did not involve him much.  

Tomorrow I play to do day 7 and 8 so get excited!  :)


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