I kept reminding myself who I am in Christ and rebuking illness that has hit my family.  We are visiting my dad and the last thing I wanted was for any of us to get sick.  I woke up yesterday morning and had a gut ache that would come and go.  Last night my daughter threw up a couple times and did not sleep well.  She is doing much better.  Then as I was texting my husband who is home he got sick too, but he had it the worst.  He threw up 9 times!  ICKY!  So we are believing and praying for all of us to get better and for no germs to infect anyone else!!  


MommyMandi said…
Praying for healing for your family. At the beginning of this year, my daughter and I were very ill. My mother-in-law wrapped her arms around me and prayed, "thank you, Lord, for healing Mandi" over and over again. I love that she thanked him before it was even done. Because she had the faith to know that He would heal our family.

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