Greedy people

I was hearing the Black Friday shopping stories and my heart just broke.  People are crazy and not in a good way.  I heard a lady using mace to secure an Xbox and a guy bringing a gun... REALLY PEOPLE??  I watched a video of crazy Wal-Mart people fighting over $2 waffle makers, but what got me the most is people getting 4-5 of them.  Can we at least limit the deals so they can go around??

This momma enjoyed her family time and my nice warm bed!  You will not see me fighting over a game system, waffle maker, or even an 18 inch doll that my daughter would love.

I just have a heavy heart because we celebrate Thanksgiving where I really try to teach my children to Thank God for the many blessings we have.  We made a "thankful tree" we discuss during our meal what we are thankful for.  Then the next day society is telling people you need more stuff to be happy!  Let me be real honest with you... NO OF that stuff will make you happy!  You want true Joy then let me introduce you to my Heavenly Daddy!

So how do you teach your child the true meaning of being thankful?  Or how about a giving heart rather then a greedy heart?

Lord, please fill my family with generous and overflowing love and an attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving.  We are blessed and we are so thankful for everything we have.  Let us remember the true meaning of Christmas is to SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the KING of the KINGS-JESUS!  AMEN


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