How do you organize when you are in a small space?

Organizing is not my top quality but I know I dislike clutter as well as my husband.  I just got home from a mommy book study and we were talking about keeping our homes better organized so when our hubby's come home they do not have stress at home from a mess or from clutter.  I know my husband would be blessed if I was better at doing some organization and if everything had a place in the house, or apartment.  I have heard him say a few times in the last month, "why is everything on the chair, I can't find a place to sit."  I feel terrible since I randomly lay things on the furniture rather then finding a correct spot for it.

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment with 4 people so we might need to get rid of more things to make this a clutter free zone.  Last year we purchased a book shelf with several cubby storage areas.  It is not the biggest but it works for the time.  I remember when I worked in the schools and the classrooms would have these awesome storage cubbies.  I wish I had space for an awesome storage unit like the ones I saw in the classrooms.  If I had a new storage area I know my little closet of crafts and preschool supplies would be better organized and I could quickly get the items I needed rather then taking half the things out to get the one thing I needed.

So I am curious how do you stay organized?  Do you have place for everything?  I think today I am going to go through some of our things and take a bag full to a donation center.   I am going to make a good effort to de-clutter and to have a little more peace at home.


Unknown said…
I try to have a place for everything, but the worst place in the house in the kitchen on the first foot of counter space and the laundry room. Those are the first 2 spots we see when we enter the house from the garage. It is such a pain. I hate that I cannot keep it tidy.... But I conquered the office/playroom so I guess I gotta get to that madness now.
ReneeK said…
I have a love affair with plastic containers. Toys are stored in plastic drawers. School room has plastic drawers for craft items. They are not the prettiest to look at. It keeps me organized if it has a home that is off the counter and other places.