I let my daughter take my camera.

I allowed my daughter to go have fun taking pictures on my camera.  She had a ton of fun and 133 pictures later we all sat down and looked at them.  I was impressed with a few!  :)  Here are a few to showcase!  :) 

GOOD JOB SELAH!  You are a natural photographer!  

Daddy and brother

Boots off of Dora.

Toys in the toy bin. 

My favorite!  Love the angle of the guitars!  

In her bedroom!

This made me giggle.  This is "Woody" we got him at a baseball game.  

Her little foot.  :)


Crystal Mendez said…
So sweet love that my son always wants the camera
Twingle Mommy said…
I love the guitar picture! My daughter loves to take pictures too, but we've never gotten anything that we want to keep.

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