In Home Care VS Nursing Home

I love the new way things are transitioning for our older generations.  Instead of moving to a nursing home and feeling like all independence is lost, elderly now can choose in home elder care.  It's an amazing feeling for an elderly person to stay in their own home and not feel as if they were in a prison where meals are scheduled and bed times are put in place.  I know nursing homes still serve a purpose and many of the nursing homes offer more of a community feel rather then a institutional feeling.  Choices are a great option because many elderly people might lose some mobility but are functioning well in every other area.  Then the opposite is true too, many elderly are fine with mobility but suffer from memory loss.  

Within the realm of in home elder care you have options.  If you need help with homemaking skills someone can come and help prepare meals and do some cleaning and laundry.  Or maybe you want your loved one to have some social interaction for a meal, movie, games or cards, go to church, and so much more.  Also, you can hire an over night person to help you have peace of mind knowing someone is there with your loved one.  

I am unsure of the costs between in home care and nursing homes or if medicare will cover the services.  It is a tough choice for families and many families just need to hear all the options when weighing the options for their loved one.  


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