Mom Choice's

I remember last year I was pregnant during the Christmas season and it was a fun time!  I truly was a pretty happy pregnant lady...I think!  I do remember getting overwhelmed with the choices a mom has on baby carriers.    

I never used a carrier with my daughter but I knew I really wanted one with my son! So many choices out there and so many different brands available.  Do I go with a baby backpack carrier or a baby front carrier?  Do I go with a familiar brand name or some brand I have never heard of but has good reviews?  I wanted to test each product on comfort, ease of getting baby in, and length of use.   There are some carriers that you can use till your child is HUGE!  

I remember hearing some scary statistics about some dangers in different baby carriers.  I know there is a ton of research out there that can help point you in the right direction for what you will use you carrier for.  Sometimes instead of reading warnings and scare stories you just got to have some trust and rely on some friends and their experiences with their carriers.  Don't worry you can find the perfect carrier for you and your baby.


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