Room Decor

I am not an interior decorator so I always look for advice and ideas.  I do have friends who are gifted and talented in this area so I should recruit them to help me think of new ways to make my small place feel larger.  What advice do you have to make your small space seem bigger? 

One thing I like about my kids bedroom is the rug I found at a rummage sale a couple years ago.  I might not have designer rugs but this rug has bright colored circles that divide the room into a play area and works great!

I have no idea if I could pull of a rug in the living room area in this apartment.  I am tired of the carpet which needs a good cleaning anyways and maybe I am just trying to ignore the stains with a rug? I just see many beautiful rugs and it makes me want one to see if it will help make the apartment feel bigger? 

What do you think?  I am trying not to be envious in this matter either just because I see something does not mean I need it but I do want to feel like we have more space... maybe I need to do more organizing?  


Crystal Mendez said…
up in till about 5months ago we lived in a 1 bed room apt and I have 2 small kids I did have a rug in there room and in the living room but always kept this in mind ( less is better)
if the kids didnt need it or use it or play with it, it was OUT and same for us. I still use this rule now
I struggled with home decor or even fashion lol im just not gifted in this area :) God bless Girl