Sister the security freak

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Thanks to Roman May:
Lately I have been feeling like I mother figure to my little sister. There is nothing wrong with that, but she picked the worst time to need me. Everything in my life right now is so busy. I am trying to get elected onto our Home Owners board. My husband and I have been so unhappy with the current board that I am working all the time to make changes. I am trying to find a good preschool for my little girl. I am throwing two baby showers and one wedding shower this month. To be honest, my plate is completely full. However, my sister is family and I have made time to help her. She is moving into her first house and being the safety freak that she is, she wanted to make sure the home felt secure. She made me inspect all the windows. She found an alarm from and had me pretend to break into her house. She wanted to make sure it would work in a real situation. I did it all and just rolled my eyes. I love my sister, but sometimes I wonder what is going through her head.


Unknown said…
Bahaha! This was hilarious.

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