Vacation over Christmas?

Have you ever taken a vacation over Christmas instead of doing a traditional Christmas at home?  I am more of a traditional person and love to be at home in the warm comfy house with snow falling outside.  I always think of Christmas as home time with an overcrowded room with all my loved ones.   How would you describe your perfect Christmas day? 

The more I look into vacations the more I want to travel to Poconos Family Resorts.  I will still remain firm though and not look into doing it over Christmas.  Maybe I am too traditional?  It seems too odd for me to be eating out, going to a spa, amusement park, or fun shopping.  Although the Poconos Family Resort has this cute option for kids to visit a kid spa and I know my daughter would absolutely love this.  

I guess Christmas day does not have to be celebrated on Christmas day.  For instance we travel to my dad's house over New Years weekend and celebrate with my family on New Year's Day. 

So will you be traveling for Christmas or staying home?  


Unknown said…
Traveling to my in-laws for traditional Christmas with them!
Jenelle said…
I too have thought about going away on vacation for Christmas and every year I can't do it! Christmas is my favorite holiday and I have always spent a traditional Christmas at home with my family!

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