Window Curtain's

Faux Suede Grommet Panel image
Every time I visit my dad's and we sit down to watch TV we often get a glare form the sun.  He does have window curtains but they are see through and do absolutely no sun blocking.  I always wonder what the point of his curtains are because many times he hangs a blanket over the curtains.  Now how attractive is that in the decor department!

I am not an interior decorator but  I do know several people who are or should be because they have a great eye when they see a space and the potential of a room.  It would be a good idea for me to price curtains out and maybe give my dad the gift of curtains for Christmas so he will not struggle with sun glares any longer.

Are window curtains in style or are blinds a better choice?  I know the way my dad's living room is set up it would make more sense for curtains.  Maybe I should hire a friend to redecorate my dad's living room!

I think the picture I used would be a good option for my dad's living room but I would have to rethink the colors but it is a thicker material so I think the sun would be blocked which is what I am looking for!  :)


Unknown said…
we do both. we have wood blinds to block out the sun, but then the curtains are really just for looks not function. i love curtains. i think that they give a room a warm feeling making it more home-y
Herb Koguchi said…
Yes, sunlight can make a big difference in our houses. Your dad's window curtains look very clean and elegant. Was he the one who chose those?