Christmas day pictures! :)

We have a tradition in our house for Christmas breakfast.  We make "happy birthday" waffles that we get to decorate.  This year Selah picked pink sprinkles and white chocolate chips.  We put a candle in it and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus!  :)

Even Titus likes waffles!  

Time for presents....

Giving Daddy hugs after she opened a present she loved!

Giraffe jammies...I heart them!

Favorite pic of the morning... he had a ton more fun in the paper then actual gifts.  :) 


Unknown said…
How lovely :) Very interesting waffle combo!!

Hope you had a great day too!
Unknown said…
So sweet! We do a birthday cake for Jesus! But this year we sang a trio in service in which both my daughters sang Happy birthday, Jesus! Jesus, I love You! So sweet!
That sounds like it would have melted my heart...precious! :)
Kathy said…
We usually do a birthday cake but I think I like the waffles better:)

Im a new follower and looking forward to getting to know you:)
Unknown said…
Great pictures! It looks like you had a lovely time :)
Unknown said…
That's awesome! Love it. I will have to do something like that when I have kids :0)