First Christmas Eve- Written by my hubby

From my amazing HUBBY:  
I wrote this song while I was praying about Gods heart for Christmas.
Written/Played by: Rev. Anthony C. S. Flanigan
Audio mixing: Mark Belanger
Video Recording: Tyler Kaetterhenry

If anyone would like to cover this please first contact me, I would love to give you permission. Here are the lyrics:

B C#m A E
Everybody's got their first Christmas Eve, 
The day before they met their Lord on bended knee
This year all I'm asking for, Lord all I pray,
Is that someone might have their very first Christmas Day

A B E C#m
That they would know You and see You and seek Your Face,
To be loved by and saved by Your redeeming Grace
That they would be touched by and changed by Your great fame
Oh' that they would know your name, Oh' that they would know your name.

C#m A E B
Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Every knee will bow down and tongue confess,
Salvation was born our first Christmas.
A New faith is born on this Christmas

b C#m A E
Your love is mighty to save
You life is the gift you gave
Your grace is more than enough
When you were born you gave your life


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