Titus is 9 months old

Any other parent feel as though the 9 month mark is a big one?  Maybe because as a mother we carry our baby in our belly for 9 months, or maybe it is shock that he will be one year in only 3 more months.  I am having that moment of sadness because my baby is growing up to quickly.  

Titus is army crawling every where and he has speed!  In the last week he finally had 2 teeth come through on his bottom gums.  The benefit of this is he has been napping better and sleeping much better at night. :)  AMEN!

Titus learned how to say mama first but lately he has been saying Dada in a happy and cooing way that is so darn adorable! 


MommyMandi said…
Happy 9 months Titus! I just took a picture of my little girl in front of the tree this morning and she is chewing a christmas ball decoration as well. So sweet!